Hello my lovely Tumblr Family! I’ve reached 1000 followers by my birthday! As such, I’ll be doing another giveaway!

What you’ll win:

~The Thermoplastic Combo in Large from

This includes:

1 sheet of Wonderflex 43” x 27” and
1 sheet of Worbla 29” x 39”

~If you’re following me, I’ll buy you a 4.4oz bottle of Friendly Plastic to go with it, too.

Please read all of the rules before entering.

***There will be only 1 winner!***


- You must REBLOG this post. LIKES don’t count!

- You don’t need to be following me (but you’ll win more stuff if you are!)

- No Giveaway blogs allowed…because that’s just tacky ;) Side/cosplay-only blogs are okay.

- Reblog as much as you want, but let’s keep from spamming our friends, hm?

Winner Details:

- Ask box MUST be open, and you have to be willing to give your address. I’m not a creeper, I promise ;)

- Contest ends on May 22nd. I’ll announce the winner on May 22nd at 6:30pm EST.

- If your ask box isn’t open, I’ll pick another winner. Winner will be chosen with a random number generator.

One stipulation: this post has to reach 1000 notes! Happy blogging, and good luck!!!



The Kiss 

It’s finally done! A LoZ version of The Kiss, just a combo of some of my favorite things :) I had a lot of interesting times with this, much like my other fuax traditional medium digital paintings the process of imitating the effect of a medium in pure digital is a real brain twister sometimes. Really good exercise, i hope people like the final result as much as i do <3

This print will be making an appearance as a 11x17 ~ LIMITED Shimmer~ poster at Sakuracon, ACEN, A-KON, Otakon and hopefully Fanime for 2014 while supplies last! After those sell out it’ll be regular paper only.